Tuesday, July 17, 2012

School's Out! Summer 2012 craft projects!

I've kept a running photo record of my crafty endeavors on Facebook.  You can view the picturesHERE.

Recent projects:

I made the kids each their name to match their bedroom decor- and they came out so cute, I decided to do my last initial to hand over my desk at school!  :)

 I got a little "Modge-Podge Happy" and did a picture frame for Abby's room that matches.  I picked up this surfboard frame for uner $2 at Goodwill. :)  Now it matches the other items!  Still need to print photos to put in there though!  :)

Abby has had framed "art" in her room for a while- two white frames with white mats, pink ribbon accent, and watercolor-ish prints of flowers.  Well, when we redid her room, they didn't "go" anymore - but they were too nice to ditch!! SO... I used scrapbook paper and some printed clip art, tore out the old ribbon and put in new, and VIOLA!  New art.  It's so cute!   Not to leave Alex out, I two blue frames with white mats from Goodwill (just under $4- the original pictures were of fruit! LOL)- and again, scrapbook paper and some printed clip art- and there ya go!  :)  I was pleased with the outcome!

Finally, a project I found on Pinterest.  :)  Originally (I believe!) from Create-Teach-Share is this dressed up teacher tool box  I love it!!  I got the box at Lowes (looked JUST like this one)- and also got some plastic spray primer and pink spray paint.  I took the drawers out and spray painted the shell- then followed the template to create the labels, which I printed on scrapbook paper.  Love it!


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